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Gluteal Tendinopathy Program

Learn how to effectively get your hip symptoms under control with our evidence-based GLUTEAL TENDINOPATHY PROGRAM. Using recent evidence, we take you through a step-by-step video based exercise program, which you follow at your own pace. Understand what is driving your symptoms, why certain every day activities and postures can make your pain worse and, importantly, what you can do to change this! Find out how to help a flare up, learn how to improve your core strength and feel confident returning to higher impact exercise with our progressive loading program. There is even a message for your family and friends explaining how debilitating this condition can be. Don't put off your recovery, join the many people who have had success and got their life back on track. 


Hip Specialist Physiotherapy

We provide high quality, evidence-based specialist hip physiotherapy for a vast array of hip conditions. Using a detailed assessment procedure means all contributing factors are taken into account before making a personalised, tailored management plan specifically for you.

There is no 'one size fits all, cookie cutter' approach and no pre printed exercise sheets in sight! Equally, all aspects of your daily life will be taken in to account, as often an exercise programme alone isn't enough to get to the bottom of the causative factors of your pain.

Victoria works closely with a hip surgeon who specialises in hip arthroscopy, largely FAI (hip impingement) and labral pathology, alongside gluteal tendinopathy/ tears. Together they run a weekly clinic assessing and treating complex hip patients.


Professional Supervision

Do you work alone as a healthcare professional? Do you see patients with hip conditions and you just don't know where to start? Unsure how to correlate the image report with your clinical findings? Would love to look through images and understand what they mean. Crave support with differential diagnosis or treatment options? Or maybe you just the confidence to know that you are on the right track. Don't suffer from the internal panic that can start to creep in, book a professional supervision slot and feel confident in your practice.

Face to Face or Virtual Appointments

We are based in a gym studio on the south coast of England in Gosport near Portsmouth and work  We offer 60 minute consultations or for those who would like a longer appointment we suggest booking a 90 minute consultation. The longer consultation is perfect if you have a long history, have struggled with physio before or just want more time to discuss your hip concerns or management options. 

If you live too far away to visit in person, a virtual consultation may work better. Again these come in 60 or 90 minutes sessions and will follow the exact format as a face to face. Virtual consultations can work extremely well if you have concerns you would like to discuss. For example you would like to discuss your options around treatments, may be you've been offered surgery and aren't sure if this is the correct option for you? Or would like to talk about your diagnosis and what that means? Using shared decision making, we can discuss all of these concerns and give you piece of mind.

To ensure you have the time you deserve, follow ups are an hour long, which means you will never feel rushed, will always leave with a firm understanding of what we covered and a management plan firmly in place.


Hip Specialist Physiotherapy Prices

Book your consultation today and stop letting your hip symptoms get in the way of your life!

Face to Face Appointment


 45minutes/ 75 minutes

1. High level hip specialist assessment.

2. Excellent clinical reasoning to formulate a working diagnosis

3. Evidence-based treatment strategies and management plan agreed.




Virtual Appointment

£85/ £130

45minutes/ 75 minutes

1. High level hip specialist assessment.

2. Excellent clinical reasoning to formulate a working diagnosis

3. Evidence-based treatment strategies and management plan agreed.

4. Discuss diagnosis, options around treatment.


Online Gluteal Tendinopathy Programe



Step-by-step video taught exercise program

A huge wealth of advice and support.


Virtual Shared Decision Making Session

Do you need somebody to talk to who you can trust about your diagnosis? Do you have lots of questions whirring through your brain but no one to answer them? Maybe you need someone to talk through the options you have been offered for your hip? It can be a very confusing time . Don't suffer in silence book a virtual Shared Decision Making Session with Victoria Smith and talk through all your concerns.

30 Minutes


1. Time to discuss any concerns you have around your diagnosis.

2. Time to talk through your treatment options.

3. Help to make a decision you feel happy with


Professional Supervision

Book your Professional Supervision session now and feel supported and confident in your clinical practice.

30 minutes


1. Protected time to discuss complex patients.

2. Look at imaging/ talk through reports.

3. Feel supported and confident in decision making.

4. Discuss exercise prescription.

5. Book your slot now!


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