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FIX YOUR HIPS: The Evidence-Based Program for Gluteal Tendinopathy/ Bursitis Program

Do you have pain on the outside of your hip? Have you been diagnosed with Gluteal Tendinopathy or Trochanteric Bursitis? Have you tried rehab and it failed? Or maybe you just don't know where to start to manage this debilitating condition?

Welcome to FIX YOUR HIPS: The Evidence-Based Program for Gluteal Tendinopathy/ Bursitis.  A highly effective, evidence based programme, by Victoria Smith, a hip specialist physiotherapist with 22 years experience. 

Work at your own pace through the stages of rehab, all designed to target the areas specific to Gluteal Tendinopathy, with only evidence based exercises included. 

Please don't carry on putting your life on hold because of your hip, or trying your best with ineffective exercises! 

Your hip matters, make today the day you start to get your life back on track with FIX YOUR HIPS.


What People Are Saying:

Day 18 of the Fix Your Hips Program. I do my exercises every day. My inflammation has decreased by at least 75% in both hips. This is just by being alert to my posture and the way I move. I sleep better and I no longer need painkillers during the day.

Cindy Van Amorongen

I love your programme Victoria Smith. I'd recommend it to everyone who hasn't tried it.

Sylvia Wilson

Victoria Smith thank you! Appreciate everything you put together for this! I have gained more info from your program than 2 months of PT.

Lisie Seilback

I had regressed recently and was in a lot of pain.....so I decided to take a closer look at your videos and exercises, see what you were all about.....within two days my pain was already about 80% gone.

Kevin F

Victoria Smith is amazing and one of the best things to come out of Covid. I really made progress with Victoria's advice and videos, like serious progress. I can highly recommend purchasing Victoria's programme as it is a one stop shop and has everything in there from start to finish including why this horrid condition exists in people like us.

Ryl Jensen

Much to my surprise, I'm still making my way through the videos in the program- there is WAY more content in there than I had suspected. I have one criticism so far Victoria Smith- you are selling yourself short with the price you are charging!"

Kevin Flanagan

Injections and Physical Therapy didn't help but I recently discovered Victoria Smith, a wonderful hip specialist in England and enrolled in her program. So far so good!

Lynn Savage Roberts

Thank you so much Victoria Smith for putting this programme together. It has given me hope again for the first time in years which is a very powerful emotion to have with this condition.

Stephanie Waters